Starring: Yvonne Nelson, Belinda Effah, Okawa Shaznay, David Chin, Ross Fleming, Diana Yekinni, Sahndra Fon Dufe, Anastasia Perkhtereva, and Sira Bah.

In a forgotten and abandoned bayou community right by the beautiful city downtown of Accra; lies the story of REFUGEES. A heart-on-sleeve tale of life. A provocative mind, through the visceral story of race, squalor and music told through the life of three friends whose dream is to escape their bleak world and break the chains of poverty that has plagued their community, with their gift of Afro-vibe - African music that defines Africa.

In their desperation to repair the structure of their world, they must learn to survive the unstoppable catastrophes as they embark on a perilous stowaway journey by sea; A dangerous trip that begins in their homeland in Africa with hopes to make it to the shores of America.
But Little did they know that all that glitters is not gold! Dreams faded! Hope resigns! Anger and betrayal set in as they come face to face with life's tests...

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