When the Slave boats docked in America, Brazil, Cuba and the Caribbean's, hundreds of cultures, traditions, and religions landed with Africans, but only one remains prominent till date in the new world, the culture of the Yoruba's.
Bigger Than Africa Documentary follows the journey of these Africans from the point of no returns in West Africa to the final destinations. Shot in six different countries with research and interviews coming from around the world, this film took us on a journey to Brazil, United States, Cuba, Trinidad & Tobago and where it all began, West Africa.

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Africa Movie Academy Awards -- Best Documentary Nominations 2018
Charlotte Black Film Festival -- Winner, Best Documentary 2019
International Houston Black Film Festival -- Winner, Best Documentary 2019
Silicon Valley Africa Film Festival -- Winner, Best Diaspora Documentary 2018
Festival International du Film Panafricain de Cannes --- Winner Jury Special Award 2019
AFI World Peace Initiative Cannes — Winner, Best Doc, in Cultural Preservation 2019
Toronto Black Film Festival --- Official Selection 2019
Yale University Official Selection -Yale council of African studies / Yale Africa Film Fest 2018
Pan African Film Festival Los Angeles -- Official Selection 2018
Montreal International Black Film Festival -- Best Documentary Nominations 2018
Halifax Black Film Festival Canada -- Official Selection 2019
Africa World Film Festival Detroit -- Best Documentary 2nd Place 2018
Africa Diaspora International Film Festival Chicago -- Official Selection 2018
IREP International Documentary Film Festival -- Official Selection 2019
Zuma Film Festival Abuja -- Official Selection 2018
Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival -- official Selection 2018
Fade to Black Black History Month Montreal Canada -- Official Invitation 2019
African Film Festival New Zealand -- Official Selection 2019
Wassermusik Festival Berlin Germany --- Official Selection 2019
The African Film Festival Dallas —- Official Selection 2019
New York African Film Festival --- Official Selection 2019


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