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When it comes to middle and long distance running, Kenya is currently synonymous of athletic excellence.

Watch these highlights from the Mexico 1968 Olympic Games to see the Kenyans win their first ever Olympic gold medal, courtesy of Naftali Temu in the men's 10,000m event.

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It was only at the Mexico 1968 Games that Kenya won its first Olympic gold medal. And the honour came to Naftali Temu who won the Men's 10,000m in 29:27.4. Mamo Wolde from Ethiopia (29:28.0) and Tunisian athletes Mohamed Gammoudi (29:34.2) completing the podium with silver and bronze, respectively.

Kenya won a total of nine medals at the Mexico 1968 Olympics, including Kip Cheino's gold in the men's 1,500m and Naftali Temu's bronze medal in the 5,000m.

Find more about the Mexico 1968 Olympic Games: http://www.olympic.org/mexico-1968-summer-olympics

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