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My sister-from-another-mother Jubilee Gamaniel (Also Host From Hot Talk with Jubilee) and I decided to do a Collabo video in honor of Mother’s Day 2015. We made two videos.

❣ In Part 1 (this video), we talk about African mothers, and the Funny Things They Say, and DO.
We also Quizz each other on our Mother’s with Questions Like:

Mother’s Pet Peeves
Mother’s Favorite Words
What We Love Most About Mother

❣ In Part 2 (coming up on Jubilee’s Youtube Channel This Friday), we honor our mother’s by teaching you how to COOK Eru. [ Link will be available on Friday]

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Oh yea, BTW Hi! I'm Sahndra (Saan’drah) Fon Dufe (Fun-doo-fey) , a conscious capitalist who also happens to act movies, write books, host a video blog and most recently speak publicly… I don’t promise to be perfect, but I sure can tell you what I feel on certain topics, and hopefully engage, educate and entertain you at some point? I also give away lots of products ;)

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