We are very proud to have been involved in creating the award-winning documentary The Ivory Game. The Ivory Game sheds light on the underground world of ivory trafficking. Prized as a status symbol among the Chinese middle classes, ivory is the object of a deeply corrupt, illegal global trading system.The Ivory Game was created by award-winning director Richard Ladkani and Academy Award®-nominated director Kief Davidson. Filming for 16 months, the two were able to reveal the terrible truth behind the increasing numbers of African elephants being poached for their ‘white gold’.Produced by Leonardo di Caprio, the Ivory Game was released on Netflix worldwide on November 4.Kaiserlicht delivered the entire graphics package for the movie, including the opening title sequence and all the graphic inserts.CREDITSCLIENT:NetflixTerra Mater Factual StudiosCREATIVE DIRECTOR:Felix Geremus3D ARTISTS:Alexander SiquansFelix GeremusNiclas SchlapmannDirk MaucheCOMPOSITING ARTISTS:Lasse ClausenMartin HessGRAPHICS DESIGNERS:Martin HessAlexander SaumChristian HeydeAnja von HarsdorfORIGINAL SCORE:H. Scott Salinas

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