Concerned about the environmental issues that Senegal is facing, the photographer Fabrice Monteiro in collaboration with the designer “Jah Gal” created "The Prophecy", a photographic project which objective is to raise awareness to the Senegalese population and to the rest of the world by combining art, culture and tradition.
The series of surrealist photographs details the most representative sites of Senegal’s environmental destruction. The essence of each site’s is characterized by a Jinn - supernatural genies omnipresent in African cultures - merging with its environment.
The documentary “The Prophecy” communicates and shares the objectives and process of realization of the creators in showing the results that have been achieved so far.

In French & Wolof with English subtitles.

DIRECTOR: Marcia Juzga
PRODUCER: Fabrice Monteiro / Ecofund
EDITOR: Marcia Juzga

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