This is the story of one man's quest to save his country's past and how he rescued 34 priceless pieces of Somali artwork bringing them safely across from war torn Somalia, Africa and through Europe to London.

After 20 years of statelessness and warlord control, large numbers of diaspora Somalis from around the world are looking to reconnect and rebuild their country.

Ali, filmmaker and artist, escaped with his family and now lives in London. He is a member of Initiatives of Change (IofC)'s Agenda for Reconciliation programme supporting him in his quest to find a permanent place to showcase the artwork publicly until such time as he is able to reopen the Golol Gallery - the first and last Somalian art gallery - in Mogadishu.

The Agenda for Reconciliation (AfR) initiative at IofC’s London centre has provided a forum for refugees from Somalia and other Horn of Africa countries to meet on a platform of peace building and reconciliation. Amongst those displaced there are potential rebuilders of their war-torn countries.

Initiatives of Change is a global movement of people who are changing the world for the better, starting with themselves.


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